• Fire Protection Engineering


    Fire Protection Engineering

    Wet pipe sprinkler systems
    Dry pipe sprinkler systems
    Preaction sprinkler systems
    Water mist systems
    Inert gas systems
    Fire pumps
    Standpipe systems

  • HVAC


    Heating & Air Conditioning
    Humidity control
    Thermal storage
    Chilled water plants
    Industrial process heating and cooling
    Industrial ventilation
    Air quality management
    Energy recovery
    Geothermal & groundwater systems
    Sustainable design

  • Plumbing and Piping Systems

    Plumbing and Piping Systems

    Domestic water
    Medical gases
    Compressed air and vacuum systems
    On-site Portable Water Storage
    Sanitary and storm drainage systems
    Industrial and lab gases
    Industrial process piping
    Well Water Systems
    Water reclamation and conservation
    Sustainable Design
    Pool Heating Systems

  • Construction Admin Services

    Construction Admin Services

    Bid Evaluation
    Contractor Selection
    On-Site Observation and Management
    Post Occupancy Evaluation
    Record Drawing
    Contract Negotiation

  • Electrical Systems Engineering

    Electrical Systems Engineering

    Building power distribution
    Energy conservation and management
    Emergency power

  • Fuel Storage Systems

    Fuel Storage Systems

    Liquid fuel storage systems
    Emergency containment systems
    Fuel transfer systems
    Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasures (SPCC) plans